How to properly use the penis enlargement pump

Vacuum pump designed for penis enlargement, it is still a great way how to preventive measures oriented to gain power.

By means of a vacuum pump, it is possible to increase the power, by systematic and long-lasting workout. They help to improve the circulation of blood, which gives a guarantee of penis enlargement of diameter, and also increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

Such a device for increasing the virility has a number of advantages. You need to understand that he refers to, and how to properly use the pump?

The merits of the undeniable vacuum pump

vacuum pump for penis

Consequently, the efficiency and the effectiveness of adaptation manifests itself not only to the enlargement of the penis, but the following:

  • Disorders of the sexual function. The systematic use of measurement allows you to increase the volume of the penis of the penis, but also to maintain the erection for the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • The longer the sexual contact. The essence lies in the fact that, thanks to the pump decreases the sensitivity of the male organ, and that allows you to prolong the ejaculation.
  • Resolution of the curvature of the penis. If a man twisted penis, the pump helps to keep the body in the next grade, with the consequence that decreases its curvature.
  • And, above all, the dignity of an increase of the penis, not just length and girth.

How to choose the right?

There are two types of penis enlargement devices, is air and hydro-vacuum.

They can be of various sizes, have a variety of additional functions, for example, the vibration.

When you choose, it is better to stay on the one that comes bundled with erectile ring. There are devices with more jets, the better was the pacing. At the time of purchase, you should pay attention to:

  1. What material is the fact that the sealer, because its function directly snuggle up in the cover of the skin mantle, to ensure the tightness.
  2. The size and the quality characteristics of the bulb. The device must be resistant to mechanical damage. So, it is better to take a transparent balloon, to follow the process and avoid traumatic situations.

Instructions for use

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that for the first time to use the vacuum pump must be no more than five minutes, a time allows you to avoid the side effects.

If you use the pump it is not correct, it is possible to reduce the risk of erection. And look for additional symptoms, such as swelling in the field of application of the pump, it darkens the cover of the skin of the penis.

How to properly use the pump, and the air pump:

  • Before the device pumped out all the air, that helps to compress a member on behalf of low pressure, with a consequent increase in the flow of blood to the penis. Before a member in the hydraulic pump, on it is applied the lubrication.
  • The maximum time of use of the pump for a time is from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • To prevent the inflow of air in the device, that is, in this way relieving the negative pressure, in some devices it is necessary to make pressure on the air valve, which is next to the pear. In other models this is done through the opening of the hole, located in the bulb, which during the session closes with a finger.
  • After you have reached the maximum erection, on the base of the penis is wearing the special ring. Provides compression member, and does not occur the outflow of blood from the body, that is, a member of the "held" able of erection.

As it is right to use the penis pump with hydro-pump:

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to take a warm bath for the belt. She will help you to relax in the area of the scrotum, and will help to stimulate the circulation of the blood.

After 6-8 minutes of relaxation, take the pump and insert his penis.

Look carefully on the bezel with the dampening ring, which is rounded. Must tightly comfortably over the area of the scrotum, accordingly, decreases the pressure on the area.

Place the pump on the circumference of the member agrees in a uniform way, maintaining the scrotum, before proceeding to the collection of the air. These actions are important to the procedure was pleasant and without any injuries.

Small oscillating motion, for it creates a vacuum. After, by means of a special valve, it drops useless to the water. The valve is located on the top floor of the vacuum pump. It often happens that the pump will oscillate about 6 times, for all of the water out.

Once all the water comes out, you can relax and rest for 5 minutes. If you have the feeling that the void is become weak, inflate to the desired level.

For penis enlargement you can use this schema:

  • 7 days – a procedure which is not more than 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – a procedure in 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions of 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 session of 15 minutes.
  • 7 day – 20 minutes, immediately after waking up, and 10 minutes at night.

You can abuse power in the periods of use of the pump can cause micro ventilation in the corpus cavernosum, with the result that form hematomas, and other traumatic injuries.

How to properly care for the device?

increase penis

To save the state of operation of the pump for a long time, it is necessary to follow these guidelines:

Before leaving the pump in question, it is necessary to wash a little warm soapy water. Handle adjacent the nozzle and seals antiseptic means.

How to hydrate do not use lubricants, of which there are vaseline or vaseline oil, it is not possible to moisturize plant oils and other creams.

After the use, even with a liquid soap and water, dry.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that all the advantages of the vacuum pumps are confirmed numerous rave reviews in men, the device actually works. And in combination with a specialization in the gel for the penis enlargement, can still get the best result.

Penis enlargement pump – the device is rather controversial. Someone says that it is safe and very effective (it says that it is suitable for hydraulic treatment of impotence). Others say that the tool is extremely dangerous, and result from him there is. Who is right? We seek to understand. In this article we will look at this device, we will know how we have to choose how the device works, how to use according to the instructions.

She represents

Vacuum pump for the head of the penis or the penis – the mechanism of pumping of air. Because to create a vacuum pressure occurs at the delay of the penis and as a result – increase of blood flow into the cavernous tissue, stimulation erection and temporary increase in size.

Of the penis men, there are 2 corpora cavernosa of the body, that continuously flows the blood. When a man is excited, his spinal cord sends a signal to blood vessels to expand, and the veins to shrink. This causes a delay of blood in the penis, as a result of an organ gets hard and big.

When you use the device, the air is pumped, and creates a negative pressure. This does not give you flow at the blood in her veins, and she is late, as if during an erection, the penis gets bigger, both in length and in diameter. With the help of the pump the penis may increase by about 1-2 inches at a time-of-use. The result is temporary – after a couple of hours of the penis will return to its normal size. With regular use occurs at a constant voltage, and the operation of the tissues – you can give a longer-term increase in size.

Because the device is necessary

How to use the pump, which is described in detail in the instructions. Necessarily supplied with the device. Also in a bundle for the enlargement of the penis should be:

  1. The bottle (cylinder) with gasket materials on the basis of where it is placed a member.
  2. Air valve – protects you from injury.
  3. Manometer for pressure control.
  4. A device that creates the vacuum (pear or automatic suction).

When you use the pump increases the time of sexual intercourse.

Penis enhancement is now the main purpose of hydraulic pumps. But this device is still the most activity (including prescriptions):

  • The renewal of the sexual relationship. Due to the use of a vacuum pump to the time that the reduced sensitivity of the receptors on the head of the penis, which slows down the arousal of a man. For this purpose vacuum water pump to use directly before having sex.
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction – the regular use of the pump helps to stimulate the increase of blood flow in the penis and maintaining a strong erection during intercourse. The use of the pump will serve a good prevention of diseases affecting the power. Thanks to a constant "workout", it portrays the stagnation of the blood in the blood vessels, erectile dysfunction pass.
  • Correction of the shape of the penis. If a man has problems with the curvature of the member, doctors often prescribe hydraulic pump – helps to keep the penis in the right conditions, which progressively reduces curvature of the penis.

How to choose the device?

Types of pumps many – are on the same principle, but with some small differences, thanks to which the result will be different. The pump must be chosen, guided by their own goals and focusing on the features of her body. There are only general rules that should guide the purchasing of services:

  • Cylinder diameter must be an inch larger than the diameter of the erection of the penis. When the purchase of a smaller device, it is possible to get hurt.
  • The length of the cylinder is to be 2 centimeters more than the length of a man's penis. When you use a hydraulic pump with a shorter length, as in the case of the diameter, increases the risk to hurt yourself.
  • If a man has not previously enjoyed by the pump, it is best to start with a pear services, which divert the air manual. Cylindrical and electric pumps comfortable, but they create a vacuum too quickly, and their more difficult to control. There are still hydro-vacuum (acting on behalf of the water) hydraulic pump, but that, on the contrary, they create less pressure and are usually less effective than their aircraft, "cousins".
  • At the time of purchase, check the seal material, how tightly it will be perfectly to the skin. If it is too soft, then it will be the passage of air, and the correct pressure will not create. Too dense and rough material is not suitable, such as it will sink into the skin.

If you do not collect the pump under the size of the penis, it can hurt.

How to use the device

how to enlarge the cock

How to enlarge your cock with the hydraulic pump, how to properly use this device? Instructions for the use of the standard pump. When you are working with a device that is important to adhere to the principles similar to the rules of sports training, – in the first place, must necessarily go to warm-up the penis before using the pump it is recommended to massage with the hands, to disperse the blood, to warm up the muscles and tissues. Then the device is worn on the body and is firmly fixed to the base. Then the cylinder is pumped to the air (automatically or with your hands).

Reaching out with the help of the air and the hydraulic pump strong erection, on the base of the penis is necessary to put a special ring. Can be worn before starting the procedure for the pump, and after having reached the excitement to conquer the base of the penis. This ring will impede opposite the outflow of blood from the penis is the organ in the right increased degree. The procedure should last for about 15-20 minutes. A longer time is not recommended as it can lead to injury of the penis.

To reach the strong increase, it is necessary to do regularly with the pump. It is appropriate comparison with the gym: go to the gym and after a workout in the simulator, you can feel the newly formed muscle. But that passes in a day or two, and still the body becomes soft. Only through a regular exercise routine, you can get the desired muscles and not half an hour, and for many months – yes, and then, if he continues the tour of the room and keep the resulting effect. With the increase penis size exercise must be regular – it is ideal for three times a week. For 8 months, it is possible to obtain an increase of the length and width of up to 30-35% of the source size.

The effect of the pump, you must use it regularly.