Safely and with guarantee. How to increase what they write without the bar of the ezine

the increase of the penis

Every year in the world are made more than 11 thousand transactions to increase of the penis, and their number is constantly increasing. Unnecessary surgery takes no more than half an hour, and after three weeks the man can start an active sex life. Most of the activities will take place in Thailand — the world leader in plastic surgery. In this text — the story of how increase the penis

The plastic surgery in the world — is more than psychotherapy, solution of the current problems. This is true in regard to the operations of increase of the penis. Many men believe their penis is less than it should be, while the doctors are sure: the most understates its size. Why is this happening? Paradoxically, but the idea that the penis is too small, often formed in childhood, when the thought comparison with the father or the older brother, naturally, can discourage.

It is believed that men often have a false idea about the size of their genitals, because they measure correctly or evaluate them. The penis may seem shorter, if you look from the top. To properly assess the format, the better to undress in front of a mirror, where you can see my reflection in full growth. According to the research, which has taken more than 15 thousand people, the average size of an erect penis is about 13 cm. The border of the park of medium-sized and range in size from 11 to 18 cm. The doctors diagnosed a small penis, if its size is less than eight inches in erection.

As the patient is approached for the task?

Pretty big range of questions can push a man to the task: a bad sexual experience, inner beliefs, incorrect information in open sources on the internet. Plastic surgeon, md, professor at the department of plastic surgery hiroshimasized:

"Now the age of the internet: people watch the images, is not particularly penetrating, from where they are and how much they correspond to reality. Often with images from the internet, people come to the surgeons, by showing that they want to “exactly as shown”.

Still imagine if you continually spam-newsletter “Iron erection, and a hundred other great ways to enlarge your penis”. There is also a normal person of sound mind begins to think: maybe with him something that should not be, if the continuation letters “you must do it!” I often recall the movie “the Man with the avenue of the Capuchins”, when following a certain kind of culture completely changes the behavior of people. Before they threw ettore, drink the milk, and behave like gentlemen. And then, after having seen the other movies, they begin to organize the chaos, alcoholism and the shot. And here is the same: the society affects people, and specific people, movies, cultural models generate some ideas.

In general, the patients-men who want to increase the penis, are not different from other patients of plastic surgery — for example, women who want to repair the size or shape of your breasts, or do intimate plastic, correct the shape of the nose or the ears."

If you can do without the surgery?

There are many procedures and tools that, as alleged by the producers, in order to increase the length and the diameter of the penis: lotions, dietary Supplements, physical exercise, vacuum pumps, injection of polymers gel. But most of these funds have not proven its effectiveness, in addition, the use of some of them can actually cause damage to the penis. If it seems to you that the need for additional funds, it is best to consult a medical specialist: urologist, an andrologist or a plastic surgeon, discuss whether it is worth to apply one or the other method.

There are pills and lotions. Usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormonal drugs. However, studies confirm that some of this work, no.

There are vacuum pumps, which is normally used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are only able at the moment to visually increase the size, but it too often or use for a long time can cause damage to the tissues and worsen the quality of erection.

There are exercises that have been established for centuries, at some the peoples: the method jelka used with 9-11 years of age sudanese children. Simple movements: the hand needs to move from the base of the penis to the head, trying to hold back the ejaculation. Sounds safe enough, but in reality it can cause pain, lead to the formation of scars and change the shape of the genitals.

Still an injection, but here the risks are very high, and the effectiveness is questionable. Introduction polymeric, polyacrylamide gel under the skin of the penis can lead almost to the visually disabled, warn the doctors. The polymer is kept under the action of the force of gravity, due to the physical stresses gel migrates, it often causes inflammation, this can follow infection and so on until the tissue necrosis, resulting in the partial or total loss of the penis.

Is there a way to enlarge your penis with the help of breast implants, when through the bites under the skin is introduced to the adipose tissue. However, the effect is visible only once after the procedure, then the fat is reabsorbed (and often unevenly), becoming a seal and irregularities. The consequences of gpg are already in the operating room.

There is only one method non-surgical method of lens magnification, repair of the penis, which has shown its effectiveness, — press to wear an extender. It is two rods with adjustable length, which establish between the head and the base of the penis. Rod is in much need of gradually, little by little push to lengthen the penis you'll discover something similar Ilizarov apparatus, only without the needle. Extender must wear a long period of time, the result of wear will be an increase in the length of the penis a couple of inches.

Has the size of a value?

From the point of view of the physiology — no. But sex is not a mechanical lapping two partners, is a complex of experiences of a person. You play the role and the self-confidence, and the desire to make your partner happy, sex habits, and much more.

"The point is that the spread of "normal" is quite large. 11 or 18 cm — est fundamental difference, " says the plastic surgeon. — Size does matter, in the sense that much depends on the partner, its adaptation, sexual experience. And this is not what the size of the penis has been the man your partner, but also in his reactions and expectations. In women, the receptor may concentrate in several areas of the genitalia: in the area of the clitoris, at the entrance of the vagina, its anterior surface or somewhere close to the cervix. The diameter of the penis has a value, if the receptors are concentrated at the entrance or on the walls of the vagina, the length — to- if around the neck of the uterus. And this means that the capacity of men, the position, the understanding between the partners are as important as size. No generic of the penis, with which you can satisfy any woman".

How it works the operation?

"Usually the man comes in and says: "Doctor, I want, for me it was great". Then we talk about, in detail, all discussing, not necessarily talking about sexual needs. It happens that the operation stop due to the inability to realize his dreams, or sexual fantasies, for example, having sex with a woman exceptional shapes," says the doctor.

It is very important, and with the other operations, to adequately assess if surgery is the achievement of a specific goal. Every doctor will try to avoid the operation, if he sees that the patient's expectations do not correspond to the real possibilities of surgery or that the doctor's action will be ineffective, said the specialist.

The intervention, it is possible to increase the length and diameter of the penis.

With a length of more easy. This is scientifically called the ligamentum, and means that dissection of the suspensory ligament of the penis.

"Today ligamentum — the main operation that we offer for elongation of the penis," says the surgeon. — From my point of view, is the best for the level of risk to the patient, the trauma, and the results obtained result. Even if, in reality, does not apply to the operations of true elongation. Simply increase the angle between the penis and the pubes, cutting a beam. In this way, the penis just pushed forward and you get the impression of increase".

The effectiveness of this operation depends in a large part by give tissues, therefore, to increase the chances of success and it was not the scarring, the doctors may advise the patient to wear an extender before and after intervention in combination with the intake of drugs that affect the tissue traction.

That is, the timing is the following: 2 months in advance of the ligamentum begin to bring the machine, then a half an hour of operation, and then again three weeks with the multiplier. Total — a little less than 3 months on all.

With a diameter more and more difficult for the patient, but it is more interesting for the reader.

Increase the diameter of the penis may be 2 inches, which is quite significant. It is widely used in two ways. The first, most common — through the tissues of the patient.

The way this works is taken from a fragment of muscle tissue in the back or the straight muscle of the abdomen and grafted to the penis. In reality, the penis is wrapped in a fragment of muscle, and then sew the blood vessels, to restore the blood flow, it is called the greater.

This operation refer to the use of microsurgery. After her, the patient needs rest during the week.

The second way is like this: take dermographia flaps of groin area and arranged along the cavernous bodies. in Other words, wrap around the penis as when transplantation of muscle tissue, but in this case the doctors are free of microsurgical technique, therefore, the recovery period is more simple: does not need strict bed rest, and in a clinic, a patient spends only a couple of days.

Is there a way to increase the thickness of the penis with the help of silicone implants — increase penile prosthesis. This is the less traumatic way, and the same operation is similar to breast surgery, only the plants of the individual, they are made specifically for the patient.

In all cases, the choice depends exclusively on the preferences of the patient. The doctor is obliged to inform, where it will be tripe, what are the complications and the possible consequences for the man could make an informed decision.

What are the risks?

Despite the apparent simplicity of the operation, and the ease of recovery, in addition to the standard risks that accompany any surgery, there is the risk of receiving heavy complication: if the doctor will be too carried away, act disorderly, can cause damage to the artery, so the fate of the patient for impotence. Consequently, the choice of the clinic and the doctor, who guarantees the result, — the most important part of the operation.

The main thing that you should pay attention to when you choose a clinic, it is weighted to speak with the doctor. He has no right to promise the loupe repair of the penis in the three times or there to there to tell you how many inches will become more. The attention of the doctor — the success of the operation.

Ligamentum often combined with liposuction of the pubic area, on the whole, this gives a better effect in patients with excess weight. The doctor says that based on his personal experience, the patients, the operations of lengthening of the penis rather satisfied. With regard to the likelihood of repeat operations, often this need occurs when the operation to lengthen combined with the increase of the diameter, and usually this desire places the patient in the distant postoperative period.

However, in addition to the risks related to health, patients also care about their reputation, the anonymity of the transaction. The plastic surgeon convinced that this problem has been resolved: "in Addition to the law that protects the patient, which states that any medical intervention may not advertise, there is also an important point of contact with the patient and the doctor. If it occurred between you trust? If you think that the doctor is worthy of moral qualities, that he will not be allowed to extend the operation? He says if it is in the details of other patients? Call if you have their names? Or simply by bringing examples similar to your own? By default, the doctor has the right to discuss the operation with anyone. However, if the patient is overly worried for this reason, then, from the psychological point of view, we can say that it is not interested in publishing this story".