7 ways to tell you how to enlarge your penis by yourself

The small size of a man's penis

The problem of the "small" penis is essentially a psychological problem, usually just far-fetched. The size of the penis will never affect the possibility of a man in an intimate life.

But if the members are really very different from the standard size, then there is a way to eliminate this problem.

Once the permanent decision to enlarge the penis is made, the appropriate method must be chosen. Practice shows that it is best to use several methods at the same time. Such a combination will enhance the effect without having to work manually.

How to enlarge the penis by yourself, is the effect good?

A man wants to enlarge his penis by himself

There is no way to guarantee immediate results. In order to obtain positive results, you need regular training, patience, and adherence to the correct techniques for performing procedures.Penis enlargement should be done frequently and for a long time.

Of course, you need to be prepared first. It is recommended to choose a lubricant, which will help the operation. If the operation will happen with the help of the device, then you need to study the instructions carefully. The penis must be warmed up, otherwise it may be damaged.

It is very possible to enlarge the penis at homeThere is no need to resort to risky operations. Do a set of exercises a month later, and you will find that the penis has increased.

Ways to change the size of the penis


This is the most effective way to enlarge the penis.In order to get better results, massage is combined with cosmetics.Compared with other methods, massage has many advantages.

Massage can not only lengthen the penis and make it thicker, but also improve the function of the entire male reproductive system.

Massage is an effective way to enlarge the penis

Increased libido, increased potency, and longer erections. But to achieve this effect, you must master the skills of the movement. This will prevent injuries.

Before massage, the penis must be warmed up.For this, you can wrap the thigh area with a hot towel or take a hot bath. Temperature exposure can cause increased blood flow to the penis and pelvic organs. This will provide better sponge and skin stretching.

You can massage in different ways. Some people perform surgery when the penis is erect, while others do the opposite and only perform it in a calm state.Massage movements are also individually selected.Men must choose the appropriate method to affect their penis. These may be vigorous movements, or on the contrary, smooth but clear.

Ointments and gels

Topical therapy is one of the easiest ways to enlarge the penis, and it can only produce temporary results. It is recommended to use this method before sexual intercourse. The active ingredients in the preparation heat up the penis and cause blood to flow to the penis. The exposure time is about 3 hours.The length is only increased by one centimeter, but the sensitivity is increasedThis provides a bright orgasm.

Water pump

The design is similar to a pump and the working principle is the same. The vacuum pump can not only enlarge the penis, but also increase its effectiveness. The penis is inserted into a device that draws air from it and creates pressure. The blood flow increases and the cavernous body increases male dignity.Use the pump before sexual intercourse,Because the effect is short-lived.

important!The operation time should be gradually increased, and the pressure should always be closely monitored. If the equipment is used improperly, minor trauma and hematoma may occur.

Additional equipment

There are not many devices to increase the size of the penis. But they all have their own advantages.

    Extender for penis extension at home
  • Extender.A great option to lengthen the penis on your own. Wearing the device will stretch the organ tissues and stimulate their growth, leading to long-term enlargement of the penis. In addition to lengthening, it also increases the volume of male organs.

    The principle of operation is based on stretching the penis. This will stimulate the formation of new organizations. The structure is worn for a maximum of 10 hours per day. The device will not irritate or scratch the penis. By the way, this method is not recommended before the age of 18.

  • Attachment for immediate penis enlargement
  • nozzle.They also change the size of reproductive organs, but the effect is temporary. Only during sexual intercourse. The attachment immediately enlarges the penis. But they are a quick way to solve the problem. Need to pay attention to the material of the nozzle when choosing. Preferably it is made of silicone. She was so soft that she could barely notice it.

    The attachments have different lengths. The most common model is the one that enlarges the penis by 6 cm.


You can have fun and be useful. Masturbation is similar to massage and jelqing.The main function is to stretch and heat the penis tissue.It is recommended to apply lubricant before processing.

Men are familiar with these movements, but it is also recommended to press down on the head of the penis. The correct masturbation technique at home can lengthen the penis.


Perform specific exercises to enlarge the penis

You can zoom in on male members yourself with special exercises.

This method is the simplest and does not waste money.

This method is very effective, and the effect will be obvious in a short time.

All exercises are done during erection, but incomplete.

Before starting, the penis should be heated with warm water. It should be noted that each exercise is designed to solve a specific problem.

  1. The penis is elongated.Use stretching for this. You should grab the head of the penis and pull the penis forward. It must be kept in this state for 15 seconds, and then the tension must be released. Then everything is repeated in a circle: left, top, right.

    In addition, you can massage to increase blood flow. Pulling the penis hard is not worth it, because you may get hurt.

  2. Thicken.Carry out after lubricating the penis with lubricant. Massage with a ring of two fingers for 15 minutes. This exercise stores more blood in the penis, thereby increasing its volume.
  3. Stretch the foreskin.No lubrication is needed, but the penis should be erect. Grasp the base with one hand and use the other hand to pull the skin forward as far as possible. This position is maintained until the erection drops. Then stimulate the penis again and repeat the operation. This should be done for 10 minutes a day. When performed regularly, the organs will grow significantly.
  4. "Helicopter".From the outside, the sport looks interesting, but the penis is well supplied with blood. It has a beneficial effect on potency and can slightly increase the length of the penis. It should be twisted for 30 seconds. Perform at least 5 repetitions.

attention!All exercises are safe, but you should not speed up the results. This can lead to serious consequences.

Add soda

This method has long been known, it can be used with existing tools, but its working time is very short. The soda bath is done ahead of schedule, about an hour before intimate. You need to knowThe penis is immersed in the resulting solution without an erection.

Soda water can also be used with compression packs. In this case, it is mixed with honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the shaft of the penis, excluding the head. Her skin is very sensitive and contact with this ingredient can cause burns.

Soda sauce is often used.

  1. The penis is lubricated with vegetable oil and sprinkled with soda water.
  2. Then you need to massage the penis with a soft sponge in circular motions. The whole process does not exceed 5 minutes.
  3. Then do not touch the organs for 2 minutes.
  4. This is done by thoroughly washing the paste on the penis.
  5. There may be slight redness. In order to keep the skin from drying out, it is recommended to lubricate the penis with a fat cream.

Usually, worries about penis size are completely futile. Before choosing the method of penis enlargement, it is recommended to discuss this issue with your regular partner. The available sizes may be enough to fit women. So, as a last resort,Best consult an expertAvoid the consequences of improper self-manipulation.