Enlarge the penis with soda

Many men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis and hope to enlarge it at least immediately before sexual intercourse. In some descriptions of skin-friendly lubricants, this effect is explained, but the results are often not up to expectations. Using baking soda to enlarge the penis is a simple, cheap and safe method for everyone to use at home.

The mechanism of soda water on the genitals

The stimulating effect of soda on the size of the penis is due to its local irritation. After piercing the skin, the blood flow increases, so the penis tissue slightly swells and stretches.

The effect of baking soda is the same as exercise and massage. With regular congestion of the penis, the corpus cavernosum and the diaphragm of the cavernous body become more elastic. As a result, the throughput of tissues increases, which leads to an increase in their volume during erection. With the help of soda water, lengthening the penis or significantly increasing its circumference does not work-blood pressure is too low (compared to pumping or exercise). However, a temporary slight increase in volume and an increase in organ tone can be achieved.

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects of soda water are also well-known, and have a good preventive effect on balanitis and balanitis. The substance also has an antifungal effect (helps to treat candidiasis).

Application method

The baking soda used to increase the size of the penis can be used in its pure form or in combination with other methods to enhance its effect. Main uses: bathing, dressing, ointment. Oral soda has a certain therapeutic effect, but it does not directly affect the size of the penis.


Soda bath can stimulate blood flow throughout the body. Due to regular operations, the blood vessels are cleaned, the elasticity of the blood vessel walls is increased, and the nutrition of the organs and tissues (including the penis) is improved. Soda bath stimulates lymphatic flow, eliminates stagnant processes, and promotes the elimination of toxins.


  1. bath. The water temperature inside should be around 38 degrees.
  2. Dissolve 500 grams of baking soda in 3 liters of freshly boiled water.
  3. Pour the solution into the bathtub and stir.
  4. Lie down for 10-15 minutes, then take a shower and wipe with a towel.
Soda bath for penis enlargement

For therapeutic and stimulating effects, 10 times is sufficient (once every other day). Nausea, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms (except skin irritation) are signals to stop the operation.

You can make a mini bathtub directly for your penis. According to reviews, this method is the most effective. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and pour the solution into a suitable container. The members were immersed in it for 15 minutes.


Warm soda compresses have a significant stimulating effect on penile tissues and can increase local blood flow. This process will require 3 teaspoons. Soda water, a cup of hot water, a small soft towel or a piece of gauze. Soak the paper towel in the prepared solution and apply it to the groin area (you can wrap the penis). The process lasts for 15 minutes, and then the skin is cleansed.

Soda compressors can be used regularly or before sexual intercourse to strengthen erections and slightly increase the volume of the penis.

Soda-based ointments have irritating, emollient and antibacterial effects on the skin of the penis. The following tools can be used as add-ons:

  • olive oil. To prepare the mixture, take a teaspoon of oil and soda water. Mix the components thoroughly until smooth.
  • Balm "Zvezdochka". First, prepare the soda paste (dilute the powder with water until you get a thick sour cream), then add the balm to it, the volume does not exceed the match head.
  • Honey. To prepare the mixture, tea soda and honey are mixed in a ratio of 1: 0. 5.
Soda and honey for penis enlargement

The soda paste and ointment prepared according to the above formula are applied to the penis with light massage movements-from the bottom to the head. It is recommended to warm the penis with warm water or a hot towel beforehand. After massaging for 2-3 minutes, wash off the mixture. If irritation or burning occurs, stop the operation immediately.

Contraindications and possible complications

If soda water is used correctly, there is usually no negative reaction. The therapy is safe and can be used to relieve itching of the skin to treat certain types of rashes and dermatitis. Use the baking soda mixture carefully, the skin of the penis will not be damaged, but if the operation is damaged, it is best to avoid the operation.

In the presence of genitourinary system infections (urethritis, cystitis), it is not recommended to use soda-based ointments, baths and compresses, because the activated blood flow will promote the transmission of pathogens.


The first comment: "I sometimes use soda water before sexual intercourse-I just rub the water porridge gently onto the skin of the penis, and I do not touch the head. After washing, the penis enlarges and changes slightly. Redness, faster erection and longer duration. "

The second comment: "The balm mixture is only suitable for those who suffer from premature ejaculation. I washed it off after applying it, and the penis burned so badly, so the sensitivity almost disappeared. "

in conclusion

Don't expect soda water as a way to enlarge your penis. With or without this therapy, regular massage of male organs will cause an increase in waist circumference and length. When the program terminates, the size will quickly return to the same size. It is best to use soda to enhance erection all at once and use it for a series of preventive measures to improve the vascular system.

Soda powder for penis enlargement

Enlarging the penis with soda water is the most modern way to solve this delicate male problem. Surgical intervention reliably guarantees that the penis will become larger, but not everyone is ready for surgery, and not everyone has a way to do this. The use of soda water is more affordable and therefore more popular. Whether there are results is an ambiguous question. Many representatives of the strong who use this method of penis enlargement are satisfied. But some people think that this method is ineffective, unsafe, and even risky.

Some popular methods of penis enlargement

Today, there are many ways to enlarge the penis: surgery, taking dietary supplements, using special creams, vacuum pumps, and weight gainers that can harm men’s health. In addition, massage is recommended to enlarge the penis, and traditional medicine cannot stand idly by.

One of the popular penis enlargement methods that has been used successfully for a long time is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other methods such as massage. Compared with many dubious creams, another advantage of using baking soda is its relative safety. After surgery, men may not be able to fully perform their sexual functions. Weights are not safe because they can damage the penis.

Soda application

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a white powder. It has a large number of useful qualities and can be used for cooking, cleaning and curing many diseases. Soda water is used to treat thrush in women, but the product has other uses for men.

Before you learn how to use baking soda to enlarge your penis, you should decide whether you really need it. For a long time, scientists have proven that for women to obtain sexual satisfaction, large reproductive organs are not needed-technology is very important here. But if a man dares to take such drastic measures, it is best to start with the simplest, easiest and relatively natural method, such as using baking soda.

Soda solution for penis enlargement

How to properly use baking soda to enlarge the penis

With the help of the sparkling water that almost everyone has at home, you can bathe your penis. They will help strengthen the penis. When taking a bath, a cup of warm water requires a teaspoon of baking soda. It is necessary to take a bath for at least 15 minutes. It is recommended to perform this procedure one hour before sexual intercourse. Many men said in their comments that the effect of using this method is very weak. But almost everyone noticed that even if the penis did not increase, its elasticity also increased significantly.

You can also use baking soda as a scrub. To do this, you first need to moisten the penis and then gently wipe the soda along the entire length. As a result of these operations, blood begins to actively flow into the genitals. But you need to keep in mind the negative effects of this method. Baking soda can irritate and burn the penis. It must be applied very carefully. Although the sodium bicarbonate particles are small, they can harm the very thin and sensitive skin of the penis and cause soreness. Scrubbing with baking soda can enhance erection, although slightly, it can indeed enlarge the penis. In order to consolidate the effect, it is recommended to use soda and milk, which will enhance overall health.

Soda scrub for penis enlargement

Not so popular, but an effective way to use baking soda to enlarge your penis is to use compresses. Spread soda water on a clean cloth (it can be several layers of folded bandages), soak it slightly, and then spread it on the organs. You can leave this dressing for 15-20 minutes, but you cannot continue.

Don't let soda water get on the head of the penis, so as not to injure it!

After using baking soda for about two months, the penis grew about one centimeter, and in some cases even more. It all depends on the man's body and skin color.

Remember, the use of baking soda can cause allergies. After the operation, the penis must be rinsed with warm water instead of soap.

Soda water and compressed towels for penis enlargement

Contraindications of using soda

There are actually no obvious contraindications, but you should not forget preventive measures. Don't forget to check the expiry date of this product, follow the prescribed dosage, massage and scrub only with clean hands. These simple measures will protect you from unnecessary consequences.

If there is no effect after using the soda for the first time, don't be frustrated. In order for any results to be significant, soda water must be used regularly for two or even four months. This is hard work and requires great perseverance and dedication.

The increase in baking soda may not be suitable for men who are intolerant to sodium bicarbonate. Therefore, if you have any discomfort or abnormal reactions due to the use of baking soda, it is best to choose other penis enlargement methods. Otherwise, not only will it not improve the appearance of the penis, but health problems will also occur.

If a man does not have a large enough penis, he may lose self-confidence, become depressed, and thus lose interest in sex, fearing that the intimate relationship with his sexual partner will not bring the last happiness. For a man, you need to feel confident in bed to know that he is complete. Using baking soda can solve this serious problem.

Enlarging the penis with baking soda is one of the methods that men use to increase weight and extend their dignity. Doctors and patients react differently to using this method. Is it possible and how to enlarge the penis with baking soda?

Benefits of using baking soda

Regarding penis enlargement, soda helps to normalize blood circulation in the genital area. After all, the parameters of the penis during the excitement phase directly depend on the blood filling volume of the cavernous body. Soda products can increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

In addition, baking soda has the following positive effects:

  1. Prevent the increase of overweight.
  2. Accelerate tissue healing.
  3. Relieve heartburn.
  4. Normalize the metabolism of substances.

Due to this complex effect, soda water can solve several problems at the same time. It is not unreasonable to treat many diseases of the body.

Before starting to use this method, a sensitivity test must be carried out.

How to use soda water to enlarge penis correctly?

There are many ways to use soda to enlarge your penis at home. Each of them deserves to be considered in more detail.

Oral intake

Enlarging the penis with soda is also done by taking medication. For this, prepare a solution with half a teaspoon of product and a cup of milk. The resulting product is taken daily for one month.

Soda water not only helps increase male dignity, but also purifies the body, prevents the formation of malignant tumors, normalizes metabolism, and reduces excess weight.


The intestine is the most important digestive organ. Due to problems with his activities, the blood supply to his genitals was interrupted. Therefore, it is believed that by cleaning the intestines, a better penis enlargement effect can be achieved.

For cleaning, micro-grouting is made with a soda solution. Its preparation method is as follows: pour one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate into one liter of warm water that has been boiled beforehand. Enema once a day. The course of treatment is 30 days.

Alkaline bath

Another way to enlarge the penis with baking soda is to take an alkaline bath. To do this, dissolve 500 grams of soda product in 3 liters of water and add it to the bathtub. The water temperature should be suitable for the body. It is recommended that the bath time should not exceed half an hour, and use a contrast shower after completion.

Baking soda bath can make your manhood thicker and longer. In addition, this method allows you to prevent inflammation of the prostate and genitals and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Soda bath for penis enlargement

After bathing, you need to take a contrast shower to restore normal blood circulation.

You can also prepare a concentrated bath, you just need to sit down. In this case, the soda content that expands the male organs will be higher, so it is important not to cause damage to the skin of the penis. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant burning sensation.


A good option for penis enlargement with soda is compresses. To do this, mix 10 tablespoons of product with one liter of hot water. Then they took a strip of natural fabric, soaked it in the solution and wrapped it around the penis.

It is recommended to perform this procedure 3 times a day. Thanks to her, the blood flow increased rapidly, causing the male genitals to grow and thicken.


Penis enlargement with baking soda is also done by massage. This procedure can enhance blood circulation and normalize the metabolic process. All of these have a beneficial effect on improving masculinity.

The massage is carried out like this:

  1. Previously, the skin of the penis was heated. For this, you can use towels soaked in hot water.
  2. Soak your hands a little, then sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on your hands.
  3. Massage the reproductive organs with light rubbing movements, moving from the base to the frenulum.
  4. After the procedure, wash off the soda products with warm water.

It is recommended to massage before going to bed at night. After the operation, you should lie down for a while to relax your body. The frequency of massage is 2 times a week.


In order to enlarge the penis, a special scrub was prepared with soda water. For this purpose, a mixture of water and food is mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. The result should be porridge. To enhance the effect, add a small spoonful of liquid honey and a few drops of any essential oils that can stimulate blood circulation to this mass.

The water in this recipe can be completely replaced with vegetable oil. But do not use sunflower products. Thanks to them, in addition to enlargement of the penis, it can also improve skin conditions, accelerate tissue healing and prevent the development of inflammation.

To enlarge the penis, you need to apply a thin and even scrub on its surface and rub it in a circular motion. It is recommended to perform this procedure no more than 3 times a week.


Not all men can use soda for penis enlargement. There are some contraindications to its use.

In the following cases, it is prohibited to use soda products as external agents:

  1. There are lesions on the skin of the penis.
  2. The individual's intolerance to the substance.
  3. Genital Pathology.

Oral soda has the following contraindications:

  1. Chronic gastritis.
  2. Violation of stomach acid.
  3. Peptic ulcer of the digestive organs.
  4. Allergic reaction.

Under no circumstances should you use expired soda. Therefore, it is important to ensure its freshness. It is also important to pay attention to the color and aroma of the powder. If the color is yellow and the smell is unpleasant, the product is forbidden to use.

A man looks at his penis after swelling with soda

In some men, the penis is less than 10 cm in the erect state. In this pathological state, the use of soda water will not produce results.

Negative effects on the body

Baking soda is a natural product, so its use is actually harmless. But you should not forget about using bicarbonate. Otherwise, soda water will harm the body.

This product can cause damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa when used in large doses. In turn, this can lead to ulcers on the inner surface of the organ.

When soda water combines with water, carbon dioxide is formed. Therefore, taking soda water can cause excessive gas formation and bloating.

Comments from experts and men

Regarding the method of soda penis enlargement, doctors and patients themselves have both positive and negative opinions. But most men still notice the good effects of using sodium bicarbonate.

According to the patient, this enlargement method helps to increase male dignity by 1 cm after the first use. The opinions of doctors are divided, some are firmly opposed to the use of soda, and some support men. But all doctors and patients agree with the same point of view-the hobby of soda products is full of negative health effects.

I have studied for a long time the method of using soda to enlarge the penis. I am not a strong opponent of this approach. This product really allows you to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area, eliminate toxins and improve metabolic processes. The cavernous body of the penis is better filled with blood under the influence of soda water and stretches over time.

But I do not recommend using this technique as the main method of penis enlargement. It must be used in combination with other treatment options. I recommend that my patients give priority to penis lengthening with the help of various devices and dietary supplements.

At first I thought that using baking soda to enlarge my penis was a suspicious way. But in the war, all means are good, so I decided to give it a try. For this, I chose the external method using sodium bicarbonate: massage, lotion, compression. It has been a month since the first use, and the first improvement is obvious. The penis has grown by 1 cm. I will continue to maintain the same spirit.

Using soda to enlarge the penis is an effective method, but you need to be careful when using it. If the program is executed correctly, the result will not be too long.