How to enlarge penis with baking soda at home

In this article, you can find a large number of different methods for penis enlargement-including manual (just by hand), as well as using various equipment, taking medication, using special topical preparations, etc. For those who are ready to take radical measures to enlarge their penis, we talked about various intimate plastic surgery and injection cosmetic techniques.

Nevertheless, it is possible to enlarge the penis in a completely simple and affordable way. One of them is the use of ordinary baking soda-a versatile multifunctional tool that can be found in almost any housewife's arsenal. You can buy it at a very low price in the nearest supermarket. In this article, we will discuss how this ingredient affects penis size; you will learn about various recipes that can be used at home.

Can it be increased with soda

Like other popular penis enlargement methods we have already discussed in another article, this method is not based on scientific evidence; we can only talk about its effectiveness based on feedback from those who have taken the risk of using these recipes.

In general, we can only notice that in order to achieve sustainable results when using sparkling water alone, you need to stock up in time and wait patiently: this is a rather long process; on average, it takes about six months. After the conventional surgery, the penis will increase significantly.

It should be remembered that this method can only be used without certain contraindications, which we will discuss in more detail below.

The effect of soda on the penis

Soda ash is a natural substance; its active chemical element is called sodium bicarbonate. As we have already pointed out, you can buy it for almost a penny.

What is the effect of soda on the penis

You can use sparkling water to enlarge your penis both externally and internally. Choose the most convenient and suitable recipe for you; you can also combine the methods with each other.

When it comes to penis enlargement, baking soda has the following effects:

  • Sharply increase the blood flow to the penis tissue, so that the corpus cavernosum is filled with blood, thereby making the penis larger;
  • Improve microcirculation;
  • It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

All of these not only increase the length and diameter of the penis, but also help strengthen erections and increase libido.

Soda Recipe

All penis enlargement surgeries using soda water, according to their external use, are recommended to be performed on pre-heated genital organs-this can be done by taking a hot bath or shower, and compressing with a soaked towel to complete the hot water (they need to wrap the penis15 20 minutes).


This is the simplest formula for penis enlargement using baking soda. To prepare, you need to dilute a teaspoon of powder in a cup of warm water. In the resulting mixture, you need to put your penis in it for 10 minutes. After the operation, you need to rinse the penis with warm water and apply moisturizer.

Enlarge the penis with soda water

In this recipe, you can use various herbal decoctions that are good for men’s health instead of water. These include: ginseng root, mint, St. John's wort, cloves and nettle.

If you don't want to mess up the small volume, you can also take a full soda bath. It will improve the overall tone of the body and enhance metabolism. This process has a general strengthening effect on the body.

To perform such a bath, dissolve 500 grams of powder in 2 liters of water, and then add the resulting solution to a warm water bath. You need to stay there for 20 minutes, and then it is recommended to take a contrast shower.

Compressed penis enlargement

For this procedure, you will need a clean bandage or gauze. You need to prepare a soda solution in a cup of warm water and three teaspoons of powder. The fabric should be fully moistened with this solution and wrapped around the penis. Keep this dressing for 15-20 minutes. In order to maintain the heat to achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to wrap the structure with a warm towel, or use ordinary socks in extreme cases.

Compressed penis enlargement
Since sodium bicarbonate can make your skin feel dry and tight, it is also recommended to apply a basic moisturizer or lotion after removing the dressing and rinsing the penis with water.

Another way to reduce dry skin is coconut oil. The preparations are as follows:

  1. If your coconut oil is in a solid, solid phase, you need to dissolve approximately 15 grams in a water bath;
  2. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the butter and mix well;
  3. The resulting mixture must be applied to the penis and wiped gently;
  4. Next, the penis must be wrapped in a warm towel and left for 10 minutes, then rinse off the composition.

Intimate massage

Massage techniques can increase blood circulation and stretch penile tissues to further enlarge them. Before the massage, you also need to warm up the genital area. Then you need to mix baking soda and water in a 1: 1 ratio and gently rub it into the bucket using circular and stretched hand movements. If you feel uncomfortable during this process, please add liquid honey to the massage. This procedure should be performed once a day.

Skin scrub

The simplest option includes a regular dry scrub in the form of a teaspoon of baking soda. However, this scrub is very irritating and can irritate and damage the skin.

Scrub the growth of the penis with soda water
To get a softer, more skin-friendly scrub, mix one or two kinds of baking soda with olive oil and add a few drops of essential oils such as ginseng root.

The resulting mixture must be slightly heated in a water bath-make sure it does not boil. Then it must be gently applied to the shaft of the penis and rubbed in a circular motion. This scrub can significantly increase blood flow and increase effectiveness. It is not recommended to perform this procedure frequently-once or twice a month is sufficient.

Drink soda in it

Taking sodium bicarbonate in it can enhance the effects of dressings, soda baths, and intimate massage techniques.

In this case, dissolve a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water. The resulting solution should be consumed on an empty stomach within a week; then it is recommended to gradually increase the amount of baking soda to one teaspoon per cup of water.

Oral soda to enlarge the penis

Folk recipes

When using baking soda and other folk ingredients to enlarge the penis, you can enhance its positive effect on the size and condition of the penis. Here are some popular baking soda recipes:

  • Soda water with essential oils. Don't forget that you cannot apply pure essential oils to your skin-there is a risk of burns and damage. Soda water mixed with essential oils should be dissolved in some cosmetic base oil, or at least dissolved in water. Essential oils that work well in this case are cinnamon, patchouli, and sandalwood.
  • The combination of soda water and olive oil improves tissue elasticity and nourishes the skin. This oil is very suitable for intimate massage techniques that stretch tissues.Soda water and olive oil promote penis growth
  • Soda water mixed with honey can effectively promote blood circulation when used as a compress;Soda water and honey for penis enlargement
  • Soda water + menthol balm. Sodium bicarbonate combined with this balm can also significantly increase blood flow to the penis. It is worth using a matching header that does not exceed an asterisk for a program. If you take too much and feel unpleasant burning or discomfort, immediately wash off the composition and apply moisturizer.Baking soda lip balm for penis enlargement

Men's views on penis enlargement with soda

You can find completely different comments in the comments on penis enlargement with soda. Sodium bicarbonate does help someone-after using compresses and bathing for a month, the length has increased by 0. 5 cm, and a visual increase in volume can be observed. In this case, soda compression is combined with other manual penis enlargement techniques-jelqing and massage.

Measure the penis in centimeters

After six months of using baking soda, base oil, and honey, some people noticed an increase in penis length by two centimeters. As an additional effect, it has been found to enhance erection and increase libido.

Generally speaking, those who take the risk of trying soda to enlarge their penis notice that this process is very long and requires hard work and patience. In addition, most people who get a positive result combine the use of sodium bicarbonate with some kind of tissue stretching technique or wearing a special device that allows you to enlarge your penis.

Among the advantages of this method, users noticed its budget, simplicity and ease of use, as well as no side effects in general. There may be individual intolerances and the feeling of tightness and dry skin after topical soda water. However, It is easily eliminated by moisturizing means.


In terms of its effect on the human body, soda water is a very powerful ingredient. Its use, whether external or internal, has some contraindications.

If the following conditions occur, you should give up using baking soda to enlarge your penis:

  • Skin damage to reproductive organs;
  • The individual is intolerant to sodium bicarbonate;
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs;
  • In the case of taking soda water, gastritis or peptic ulcer disease is a contraindication.

Possible side effects

Topical soda is not for everyone-many people with increased skin sensitivity may experience unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations; baking soda usually causes allergic reactions.

To see if using sodium bicarbonate is right for you, we recommend that you perform a sensitivity test. To do this, apply the mixture you will use for this procedure to the genitals at the bend of the elbow on the back of your hand, and then wait about half an hour. If there are no adverse reactions and irritation to the skin during this period, you can use soda water.


Soda water can indeed increase blood circulation in the genital area; this substance can also promote blood flow to the penis. However, it is impossible to say explicitly that sodium bicarbonate is effective in penis enlargement. Such data is based on feedback from people who have personally experienced this remedy, and negative experiences that have not received any effect are not excluded.

In any case, if you decide to enlarge your penis with soda water, we recommend that you not forget other techniques-such as manual exercises to stretch tissues, and the use of special equipment-such as a vacuum pump. In addition, please be aware of possible contraindications and don't forget to perform preliminary sensitivity tests to avoid unpleasant side effects.