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  • Rodrigo
    The gel has helped to not only increase the size, but also to give new sensations in sex. For the month of use, able to obtain an increase of 4 inches apart, in principle, more is not needed. For the duration of the sexual act is longer by almost two times, and after the first erection and ejaculation, the excitement is very quickly. I believe that the secret to the regularity of the procedures and right to spread the gel without excess pressure. The wife to be enthusiastic, full of harmony and mutual understanding in bed, which is very important in the 8th year of marriage. Council titanium!
  • Beatriz
    The husband used titanium 1.5 months, during which he was able to 4,5 cm increase in length and 1 cm diameter of the penis. Was shocked to this result, the nights become brighter and more interesting. Writing a review to advise the girls of this tool. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. Husband with your new size, you become more confident in yourself, soon we expect an increase of work. In general, some of the benefits from the gel.
  • Martim
    Gel multi-functional, use it in a different way. To increase the size apply it every day, in the evening, no matter the sex or not, simply as a drug ointment. If the match is scheduled with a girl, smeared before the sexual act. In this case, the gel works as an aphrodisiac. Worth the soaking, as it starts the flow of blood towards the groin, the skin becomes warm, appears erection. You can do a thicker layer, and then Titanium good will come as a lubricant. It sharpens the feelings, and the sex brings even more fun.
  • João
    Titanium has not increased in size, but still will get 5. Immediately after application of the gel, the groin appears pleasant heat, a friend rises and increases, the time to act. Stable erection, sex, extended, sensations bright. I note that the drug acts and the sensitivity of a woman. When more abundant applied the gel acts as a lubricant, which with vaginal dryness greatly facilitates the penetration. I have also improved the quality of the sperm, before it was more dense and had a quite pleasant smell. Now the girlfriend in and of itself start the oral sex, even if up to that avoided. Titanium good for my health, love life and the psychological state. I became more calm and sure of himself, I'm not afraid of making a mistake in bed, or simply lose the desire. The libido is just the opposite, only intensified: I was already ready to fight without any long preliminary and additional stimuli. To me the packaging was not enough and I will continue to order more. The price for an effective and useful tool that's really fun, cheaper only a gift. On the web site of the application is treated rapidly, it expresses without delay.
  • Tomás
    Titanium it acts gradually and has the combined effect. The 1st week without any special changes has not been. Just went on the accumulation of nutrients in the deeper layers of the skin and the corpus cavernosum. Despite the fact that the exposure of only the surface, of the active components quickly penetrate into the blood stream. On the 2nd week there was an improvement of the erection. Has become stronger and long-lasting. The sensitivity of the genital organs is increased. Has begun a slow increase in size in length and girth. On the 3rd week of sexual organ has gained the most attractive form, the head has clearly taken shape. The increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, the thrill of sex became completely different. The most pleasure is received, and I and the partner. On the 4th week of the size has reached the peak. Length increased by almost 5 cm, in circumference 2, was without an erection, the settings are not changed. Apply titanium you can, individually and together with the girl. This turns into a sexual game. Massage the gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores are more open) gives the best results. The organ is increased because of natural processes, and not with the help of hormones.
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